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My grandmother has her own ways of dealing with daily medical conditions and illnesses. Although at times these home-made remedies can be seem backward compared to modern science and medicine, these treatments work wonders for her grandchildren.

Allow me to share with you a particular treatment for excessive sweating which she used on us when we were much younger. It involves using black tea as the main substance to help us eliminate sweat odor and reduce our excessive sweating.

There was one period of time when my brother was complaining about having heat rash due to his excessive sweating problems. My grandmother then would make him bathed the affected areas with strongly brewed black tea everyday. Of course, you would not want to put sugar into the brew.

She also made my brother soak his sweaty palms in a bowl of strongly brewed, cooled, black tea for about two to four minutes. Being the mischievous one, he would soak it for more than ten minutes, and came out grinning with brown hands!

After a few days, my brother's heat rash slowly disappeared and all was back to normal.

My smelly feet were not spared either. She would insist that I soak my feet into a pail of lukewarm black tea for about 20 minutes. The smelly feet odor was greatly reduced after a few days. Of course, washing the socks was another different approach altogether.

Besides using black tea as a natural treatment for excessive sweating, she also made us drink hot brewing black tea for its health benefits. In fact drinking black tea can help reverse the abnormal functioning of the blood vessels that can contribute to stroke or heart attack. Studies done at Boston's School of Medicine also showed that there was improvement in the functioning of the blood vessels within two hours of drinking just one cup of black tea.

Black tea is also a good treatment for excessive sweating problems as it helps to bring our stress hormone levels back to normal. According to a study done at University College of London, drinking black tea may speed up our recovery from the daily stresses in life. This may help us to reduce anxiety and indirectly help to overcome our excessive sweating problems.

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Treatment for Excessive Sweating - My Grandmother's Home-Made Treatment for Excessive Sweating