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Excessive foot sweating is not a problem you want to deal with nor should you have to. The moisture around the toes and feet all day along with the odor that is there is unpleasant. There are ways of reducing and preventing your feet from sweating too much.

Common Sense Methods

It's a good idea to clean the feet daily to help with sweat and odor. Using special soaps for sweaty feet can help but also consider antibacterial soap. Change shoes daily so the previous pair has time to dry out. There will be less moisture if the shoes you wear that day are dry. Consider getting athletic socks that runners use as they wick away sweat and dry more quickly than traditional socks.

Commercial Products

Antiperspirants and powders are made specifically for foot sweating. Don't use these products while the feet are still wet because they will become sticky and will not work as well. There are various strengths of antiperspirants and powders. Some don't work on certain feet while others will.

Natural Products

There are three different natural products that can help dry out feet and keep odor away. It involves soaking your feet with these in water for about 20 minutes. The different natural products are vinegar, salt water, and sage tea. You only want to pick one of these and try it as opposed to all three. With each make sure the feet are completely dry before soaking them in water. After the soak, take your feet out and just let them dry naturally without using a towel to soak up the tea or vinegar. Each of these has properties to help penetrate the foot reducing bacteria and can help with the sweat problem.

Whatever you do, be sure that you try multiple methods as you might notice that one doesn't work for you while another or a combination of a few methods will work properly.

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