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Foot Odor Remedies

I have always seemed to make it a game to have my ice queen feet ready and waiting when my husband tries to take more than his fair share of the bed. As much as I enjoy hearing a big, burly man squeal like a little girl, I did not always feet that way. I could never wear flip-flops the way others did, because I would slip out of them, due to my sweaty feet. Worse, when I tried to wear them at the beach, and the sand would clog up under my heel!

Sweating of the feet is also called plantar hyperhydrosis. Most often, a person has both sweating of the palms of the hands, as well as sweaty feet. It seems as if many people have come across having this problem more often than any other kind of body sweat. There are an absolute ton of different kinds of foot powders and sprays - all centering on bad foot odor. This odor occurs when sweat tries to break down the sloughed off skin cells of the feet.

Just like every other somewhat bad, excessive sweating of the body, you can surely find the same medical cures that go with all other kinds of sweating. Botox, oral medications, surgery, and iontophoesis can be done on the feet, just as it can be done on any other part of the body. Oral medications tend to want to help with stress relief and tension - which tend to be big triggers of sweating profusely. Surgery just removes the sweat glands completely, but this is very dangerous - since sweat glands are meant to cool down the body temperature. Without them, you may end up with dehydration. Liposuction can remove the sweat glands by a suction from under the skin. You can go for Iontophoesis, where they can apply low intensity electrical currents to your feet - which has to initially be done several times a week.

As much of an aversion as I have to needles, I can't say I would try any of those. I would much prefer to try every kind of foot powder and spray known to man, than to have to subject myself to the pain and possible side effects that other medical means can have. I have found that a certain medicated foot powder sprayed into my shoes before I go out somewhere, is very helpful indeed. I have also found something as simple as cornstarch rubbed on my feet at night can help greatly.

I am glad that my husband does not find much error in a woman who sweats now and again, but I am certain there is one good reason for forgetting my cornstarch rub at night (gad, I sound like my grandmother!). That is, I can always utilize it as a reminder to keep himself on the proper side of the bed at night! now, if only my dogs would move over the same way, I'd have it made!

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