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Foot odor is a terrible smelling form of body odor that affects millions of people, worldwide. Bromhidrosis is an extreme form of foot odor that can be caused by many different things such as hormone changes, sweating excessively, stress, diet or prescription medications.

Our feet contain a higher concentration of sweat glands than the rest of our bodies. This combined with the fact that they are normally enclosed in shoes and socks for much of the day creates a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria which is responsible for the awful smell.

The best way to avoid foot odor is to take care of yourself. Every day you should wash your feet with a good antibacterial soap and make sure that they are completely dry, especially between the toes. Make sure that you put on clean socks which are thick cotton or wool. These type of socks are better for absorbing excess moisture. Stay away from fabrics like polyester or nylon. Apply some antiperspirant powder or spray to your feet each morning to help them stay dry throughout the day. Try a set of foot insoles in your shoes. The are both good for absorbing excess odor and putting off a nice fragrance. Plastic shoes should be avoided. Make sure that your shoes are made of canvas, leather or mesh because they will allow your feet to get more air. If your shoes have become damp from wearing them all day then take them off and stuff them with newspaper so that they can dry out before you put them on again. A daily foot soak, in strong tea or apple cider vinegar, will help to kill off the odor.

If you are still experiencing foot odor then you can talk to your doctor. They are likely to prescribe aluminum chloride hexahydrate to knock out the foul smell. There are also devices that pass electric through the skin and effectively stop the sweating from occurring, period. In extreme cases, there is surgery available where the actual nerve that controls sweating can be severed.

Natural remedies offer a safe alternative for minor to moderate cases of foot odor. Sweet fennel and milk thistle keep the digestive system in order and detoxify the body. Kalium phosphate and silica can be used on a cellular level to get rid of toxins in the cells and fight off bad odors.

Nothing is worse than stinking someone out of the room with righteous smelling feet. Take care of the problem if not out of respect for yourself then at least out of respect for those that have to live with you!

Foot Odor Remedies

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Fighting Off Foul Foot Odor

Foot Odor Remedies