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There are toenail fungus remedies available that will have your feet breathing a sigh of relief. You do not have to be embarrassed any longer from unsightly toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus (Onychomycosis) is a common condition that if not remedied can disfigure and possibly destroy the toenail.

Fungus needs a dark, damp environment to live. Sweaty socks and shoes are the ideal spot for a fungus to grow. Use caution by wearing protective footwear when exercising, and using public showers. At the gym- always, dry off with a clean towel. Do not share towels with others because fungus spores can be spread in this way.

Signs of toenail fungus include a thick toenail, along with a brown or yellow discoloration to the nail. The toenail can also appear black. There is often a foot odor present. The person suffering from toenail fungus may not notice the smell as much as the other unfortunate people in the room. You may experience discomfort or inflammation.

A healthy toenail should appear clear, with an underlying pink nail bed. The big toenail is most likely to be affected. Although, men suffer more from toenail fungus, it can also affect women. Ladies, do not just cover up your infected toenail with nail polish. Thin the toenail by filing it down with a nail file. This will help to increase the penetration of medication to the root of infection.

Toenail fungus remedies-

Keep your feet as clean and dry as possible. Natural cotton socks allow your feet to breathe, and absorb moisture away from your feet. If you wear nylon socks, put a pair of cotton anklets underneath, to prevent unwanted toenail fungus.

Soak your feet in a solution of half water and half vinegar. This helps because of the acidic level of the vinegar. You should begin to notice a difference within a week of regularly soaking your feet. A good foot soak also makes you feel pampered!

Australian tea trees are known for their resistance to most fungal infections, so it stands to reason, tea tree oil would be among effective toenail fungus remedies. This oil is an extract of leaves and stem from the tree. Bathing your feet in this tea is a relaxing way to fight off the intruding toenail fungus.

You should always have Epsom Salt, on hand in your home. Soak your feet daily in a warm Epsom salt bath. Make certain to towel your foot completely dry after soaking. You could also use a hair dryer, to pamper yourself even more!

Wrapping up the list of toenail fungus remedies is vitamin E. Used in toenail fungus treatment, in products you can purchase online; vitamin E has proven to be beneficial. With the combination of ingredients added, it quickly goes to work on the toenail fungus, better than vitamin E standing alone.

There is a test your doctor can perform for toenail fungus infection. A physician may prescribe a medicine specially formulated to kill toenail fungus. If the prescription is not used properly, the toenail fungus infection can return. Put your best foot forward today! Decide which of the toenail fungus remedies work for you, and get to stepping!

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