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Everyone has sweaty feet. Wearing shoes without socks is the number one cause and simply wearing socks is the simplest cure. There are people however for whom this problem takes on a life of its own. If your one of those then home treatments for sweaty feet are exactly what you need to get control of this embarrassing and irritating condition.

Here are 3 signs to indicate you may need some "extra help".

Offensive odor. If your feet stink despite careful daily attention to personal hygiene you're definitely a candidate. Nothing is more embarrassing than comments at the office about the odor your sweaty feet are producing and believe me the things you hear are nothing compared to what gets said behind your back. If your feet produce offensive odor you need to take action.
Your shoes are being ruined. Shoes are a requirement at the office. You may get away with kicking them off under the desk to give your feet a breather from time to time but we both know the damage excessive sweat is doing to your shoe leather. Buying shoes might be fun whenever you "want to" but when you have to it takes the fun right out of it. Especially if your replacing the ones the sweat on your feet just ruined.
Excessive sweating is leading to other problems. Toe fungus, odor, and athletes foot are just a few of the problems the bacteria that thrives on hot sweaty feet can cause. Whether you have suffered from these in the past, currently, or just want to avoid them before they begin, make getting control of your sweaty feet a priority.

Foot Odor

Disorders like Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) used to require surgery that was painful and often ineffective. Treatments have come along way in recent years with home treatments creating a path of non-invasive alternative remedies that work. If you found that this article describes what you're up against go to [] for the latest most up to date information. Painless and cost effective home treatments for sweaty feet [] are available and often for less than the co-pay for a Doctor visit. Click on the link to find out how.

Home Treatments For Sweaty Feet - 3 Signs You Need One

Foot Odor