Understand How to Keep Your Leather Footwear During Raining Days more

How to Keep Your Leather Footwear During Raining Days

Foot Odor

It is very important for everyone to wear the suitable shoes. Footwear have to take a beating during the raining days. When going through the water, people always run the risk of ruining the footwear and even causing foot odor. After the rain, dirt on the ground will turn into mud. The common shoes do not suit those times. When wet weather is coming, some types of shoes can not be worn until dry days come. Some types of colorized shoes probably will develop stains on the socks when they get wet. Flip-flop wears should also be kept in the closet because they will smudge the clothes from behind. Suede shoes also can not withstand water as the color will fade if being worn in damp conditions.

Leather footwear possibly will turn green without proper care. The wet shoes can not be put into the cabinet before they get dry. Too much heat will harden the shoes, and when flexed, there may be some cracks on inferior leather shoe. Any style of footwear thus can not be dried under the sunlight directly, as they will become very dry simply like the sandpaper. Leather footwear need to be wrapped in a suitable way and be put away during the wet days. Socks are also very important and they are looked as a barrier between the skin and the leather when shoes get wet. Direct skin contact with leather will cause moist and close environment, which is favorable to the growth of bacterial.

Rainy footwear should be worn with straps to avoid the flap that causes long stripes of dirt on the back of the clothes, and both rubber boots and sports sandals are good choices for that. It is always best of the wax polish on shoes as they can repel water. It is known that wet footwear should not be kept in the closet because the moisture may soften the glue or even cause cracks in the soles if not used for a long time. By using baking soda or charcoal, moisture, odor and bacteria from accumulating in the shoes can be prevented.

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