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What Causes Foot Odor - Stinky Feet - Smelly Feet

Foot Odor Remedies

Many people have encountered this problem in life and others have friends and relatives, who, if they remove their shoes, can cause a room to clear out. This is an embarrassing situation for many people. Many people do not know what causes foot odor and why some people's feet have a stronger smell than others do.

One of the major causes of stinky feet problem is Athletes foot. This common skin infection is caused by a skin fungus named Tinea. This condition is spread through direct contact with the fungus or with an infected person. Areas such as locker rooms, work out mats, public showers and gym equipment are common places where the condition can be spreads. It is also spread through the sharing of socks or contaminated shoes.

Excessive sweating is also another cause of foot odor. The human feet have a lot of sweet glands and since they are fully covered most of the time, an environment full of moisture and sweat create an ideal condition for the thriving of some bacteria and fungi. These microorganisms feed on the dead skin cells generated by the feet and produce waste materials that are responsible for the bad odor. Those people who engage in sporting and physical activities should be careful because they are more prone to the risk of smelly feet.

Smelly feet problems are also caused by the type of footwear. Socks made from materials such as nylon make the condition worse because they do not allow the feet to breath and at the same time does not absorb the sweat generated by feet. Those who do not put on socks, also increase their chances of attracting the odor-causing bacteria, because they do not have a method to absorb the varying amounts of sweat from feet. The Other common cause of foot odor is excessive anxiety.

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