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Pamper Your Feet With Smart Wool Socks

Foot Odor

Wool socks are a smart selection for everyday use, no matter what the season. This may come as a surprise to people that think of them for winter use, as opposed to everyday use. The reason is fairly simple. Wool fibers are natural fibers that breathe, as opposed to synthetic fibers that aren't able to absorb moisture or cotton fibers, which absorb completely, instead of storing moisture inside the fiber and away from skin, the way that wool does.

If you want to pamper your feet, smart wool socks lets your feet remain dry, and the wool fibers absorb sweat and moisture, 40 times more than synthetic polyester socks and almost two times more than cotton socks. Because the sheep's curly fur produces curly fibers, wool can function as an insulating material that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Smart wool socks can be worn year round because the feet will be cool and dry in summer months and warm and dry in the winter. Because of the wool's insulating properties, your socks will keep your feet at your body's temperature, instead of the outside temperature. Many people think about this fact in the cold, winter months, but don't think about it during hot summer months, when your feet can get hot and sweaty.

They also have extra absorption and cushiony comfort, compared to thin polyester and cotton socks. This additional, cushiony softness makes your feet more comfortable and able to tolerate the absorption of motion from daily walking, which can cause sore feet.

Not only can you pamper your feet with smart wool socks, but they are more comfortable, keep moisture-caused fungus like athlete's foot at bay and can make your feet feel refreshed, instead of sore and blistered at the end of the day. Many people think of this when they are going hiking in the mountains or wearing winter snow boots, but don't think about pampering their feet with smart wool socks for everyday use.

Wool is also stain resistant, able to hold color better than other materials and has built-in antibacterial properties, which cuts down on foot odor. Because foot odor is caused by the organisms that grow in sweaty, moist conditions, smart wool socks cuts down on the moisture and sweat that causes these odor-causing bacteria to grow and cause smell, besides the fungus that can cause foot and toenail ailments.

Wool socks are the best thing for your feet, no matter what time of year, because of the benefits that many people consider in the winter, but not other times of the year. Understanding the importance of socks that breathe, absorb moisture, and provide temperature-regulated comfort help many people understand how smart wool socks can pamper your feet any time of year.

Of course, many horse owners may be aware that wool is still considered one of the most high tech materials, no matter what new developments come up in equine products. Wool blankets and saddle pads are the best for eliminating friction and blisters caused by heat build-up and because of the wool fiber's complex construction, it dissipates pressure points and keeps sweat and perspiration from building up. The same is true in smart wool socks for humans. It is a natural and affordable way to pamper your feet, year round.

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