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I know how it feels when you sweat a little more than normal and people start to make those ugly faces because of the offensive odor you generate. In fact official meetings can become very embarrassing when there is excessive sweating along with bad body odor.

What causes excessive perspiration and bad body odor?

Excessive perspiration happens due to overactive sympathetic nervous system. This can impact several parts of the body or just a few of them. Common body parts affected are underarms, head, genitals, face, feel and palms.

The bad body odor develops when sweat gets infected with bacteria. The sweat that comes out from the underarm also has some proteins and fatty acids that attract bacteria. This is the reason underarm produces really offensive odor.

Here are some simple steps that can help get rid of excessive sweating and body odor:

1) Have a shower with a mild soap twice a day. Preferably use an antibacterial soap so that you can get rid of bacteria regularly.

2) Carry body wipes with you even when you go to work. Use the wipes to clean the affected areas once or twice during the day. This will surely help in controlling the problem to certain extent. Body wipes with aluminum chloride are known to be effective in controlling mild form of excessive perspiration.

3) If your body odor and sweating is more than mild then it will make sense to go for antiperspirant products that have a slightly higher concentration of aluminum chloride.

4) Certain foods are known to trigger excessive sweating and offensive body smell. Avoid onion, garlic, fried items and other processed food as much as possible. Even coffee and other caffeine products are known to trigger excessive perspiration.

5) If you have very severe excessive sweating then it is best to visit a specialist and take appropriate medical treatment in a timely manner.

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Get Rid of Excessive Sweating and Body Odor

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