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Body odor causes may differ from person to person. It is a smell that is caused by bacteria that grows on the body when a person is sweating. These bacteria are generated with the use of toxic products.

The bacterium is named as Anaerobic Bacteria. It is flourished in the body when there is deficiency of oxygen in the body. This is a result of metabolic imbalance. There are many waste products that are caused by toxins in our body. There are many things such as our homes, foods and the oxygen that we inhale are full of toxins.

Body odor is not a natural smell. It is caused when something is going wrong in our body. The main causes are discussed below:

1. Liver problem:

Body odor might be caused when the intestine or liver of a person is clogged up. It causes the odor from the body. To treat this problem, one must go through the detoxification program that will help to clean the kidneys and liver of a person. There are many colons that are also effective to get rid of this odor.

2. Constipation:

If there is deficiency of zinc or magnesium in the body, which is the main cause of constipation, then there are chances of bad odor. Constipation is caused by imbalance in diet.

3. Dietary Imbalance:

There are many reasons of constipation such as, a person who eats a lot of meat or is totally vegetarian, has a distinctive irritating odor that comes from his body. Red meat is considered to be on the first number in causing severe and offensive odor. There are Aprocine glands that produce the sweat which contains more protein. Protein is one of the causes and this protein comes from red meat.

Some people love to eat fish, eggs, legumes and liver that contains choline in a large amount. These people cannot metabolize that food so it is also one of the causes. There are certain other foods, such as garlic, curry, onion, and other spicy foods that might also be the cause. There are many drinks, for example, alcohol and coffee, that also causes body odor. There are many baked and fried goods that may contain fats and oils which lead to body odor. A person should use fresh juice if he wants to get rid of this body odor. There are many other ways, such as fasting can also be helpful. Fasting helps the body to break the digestive system and juices restore the essential minerals and vitamins in the body.

4. Sweat Glands:

There are sweat glands in groin and under the arms that secret a substance that is responsible for creating food and drink related body odor. This substance contains proteins, lipids and carbohydrates that are activated in tensions or emotional stress and leads to body odor.

5. Other Causes:

There are also some other causes such as:

Liver disease
Kidney disease
Refined sugar
Fungal infections

Get to know more on what causes body odor. Understand the various symptoms of body odor and natural remedies that can help you get rid of it. Start your day with the aroma of confidence!

Body Odor Causes

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