Examine Excessive Sweating Symptoms - 4 Main Symptoms Of Hyperhidrosis a lot more

Our body secretes sweat naturally to maintain body temperature. However, for about 1% of the population, they have a condition called hyperhidrosis, whereby the person's sympathetic nervous system overworks and produces sweat excessively. Excessive sweating can affect a person in all aspects of his or her life, including work and social life.

There are 4 main excessive sweating symptoms that can show up if a person is suffering from hyperhidrosis. The first symptom is palmar hyperhidrosis, which is the medical term for sweaty hands. People suffering from this condition can get sweaty palms in any nervous or stressful situation. Sweat can sometimes be seen dripping down from their hands for people with more serious cases. Their hands can feel cold and clammy. This form of sweating is reportedly the most distressing one, as people suffering from sweating palms will avoid shaking hands, and even be embarrassed to hold the hands of people they love.

Another one of excessive sweating symptoms is plantar hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating of the feet. This form of hyperhidrosis can be a headache for drivers since it makes the steering wheel and foot pedals slippery, making it harder for the driver to control the vehicle. On top of that, it can cause other illnesses like athlete's feet and foot odor, if it is not treated early.

The third form is known as axillary hyperhidrosis, another common type of sweating that occurs in the underarms. Excessive armpit sweating results in wet sweat stains on the person's shirt, causing embarrassment to him or her if he or she is in a social setting. If a person wears specific clothes and fabric colors just to prevent the sweat stains from showing, then he or she is definitely suffering from this condition.

The final form of excessive sweating symptoms is facial hyperhidrosis, which is excess sweating of the face. This form of sweating is most easily noticeable by others, and can also cause a person to become insecure, even when the people around not noticing the problem.

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Excessive Sweating Symptoms - 4 Main Symptoms Of Hyperhidrosis

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